Why Choose Mini Sport For High-Quality Mini Spares?

If you’re a proud Mini owner, searching around for Mini spares to help you to get your classic car back to its best, how can you ensure that you’re able to find the right service? You will need one that has plenty of experience, a great technical expertise and a genuine enthusiasm for its industry – all aspects that combine to produce high-quality products and great prices.

These are all things that we at Mini Sport can attest. Throughout the last 50 years, we have maintained a high-class service, supplying Mini parts and spares to customers all around the world. Regardless whether you’re looking for the odd part to restore your car back its original best, need to reimagine the functioning of your engine or even if you’re building one from scratch – we have all of the knowledge, skills and love for this automotive marvel to provide you with the ideal service.

Why Choose Mini Sport For Your Mini Spares?

An Extensive Experience

One of the major factors that separate Mini Sport from the competition is our extensive experience in the industry. Our founder, Brian Harper, took delivery of one of the first MK I 850’s to roll off the BMC production line and very quickly noticed that there was a market for second-hand parts. As a result, Mini Sport was founded in 1967, some might say during the ‘heyday’ of the Mini brand. Ever since, we have grown in influence, with our products even used in racing competition – the Mini Legend himself, Paddy Hopkirk, has even used Mini Sport products in his cars.

An Innovative Knowhow

Through his engineering talent and great leadership, Brian very quickly established Mini Sport as a leading name on the Mini circuit. A major issue with early Mini models was their throttle linkages’, which due to poor design, were prone to sticking, leaving them difficult to operate. Using his innovative engineering knowledge, Brian created a brand-new part; a rigid throttle that was easier to fit, giving a car a smoother, more progressive acceleration. This part very quickly became a bestseller, leading us to manufacture more of our own parts, sealing the reputation of Mini Sport as one of the leading Mini spares providers around.

Today, we manufacture a wide range of parts for every single aspect of the Mini. As production on the classic models has ended, being able to get a hold of parts that match the original specifications may seem difficult. Not only does our engineering prowess give us the ability to create matching Mini spares for every single model but also our leading reputation has allowed us to build relationships with some of the other leading vehicle part manufacturers, enabling us to secure the best products on the market.

A Love of The Mini

As Mini Sport was founded as (and still is) a family business, our values are built around honesty, tradition and respect. The founding of the company was initially instigated because Brian and his wife, Heather, enjoyed rallying so much (and their kitchen and garage being full of parts probably had something to do with it as well!) – a passion that is so rarely found in many other business sectors. As it can be said that the Mini is ‘more than a car’, Mini Sport is more than ‘a job’ for us – it’s a community.

As such, we endeavour to attend the various classic car and specialist Mini events, fairs and rallies across the UK, sometimes even in Continental Europe. This gives us the opportunity to get together with Mini specialists, enthusiasts and beginners alike, sharing stories, recommending Mini spares and generally enjoying the scene that this timeless car has created. We regularly compete in competitions too – in fact, our own ‘Mini Sport Cup’ is one of the highlights of the HRCR’s calendar.

So with an extensive experience, constant innovation and a love of the Mini, we are able to offer you the ideal service. Why not take a look around our website to see our vast range of Mini parts for yourself?

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