The New Mini Electric – A Must See For Any Mini Specialist

Since its beginnings, the Mini has stood out as an innovative brand. Its ability to use fuel economically, its surprisingly-roomy interior and its offer of a great driving experience, are all reasons that many a Mini specialist cites as to why they love their vintage cars.

But whilst the classic Mini is no longer in production, its innovative spirit still lives on in BMW’s MINI brand. Set for release in 2020, the fully-electric Mini Cooper SE (nicknamed ‘The MINI Electric’) is BMW’s first all-electric MINI to be released to the mass commercial market – following 2010’s MINI E that was made in limited numbers and used as a tech and market test platform.

The New Mini Electric – A Classic Name With A Big Future

The features of the MINI Electric include a lithium-ion battery that is able to provide a range of up to 170-miles, 184 horsepower and a speed of 0-62mph at 7.3 seconds. Whilst this may not sound overly impressive (when compared with some of the top-of-line electric cars, from the likes of Audi and Tesla), the MINI Electric is at least relatively affordable at £24,400 (after the UK £3,500 plug-in grant has been applied). This puts it in direct competition with the latest electric models from the likes of Renault – and the history and prestige behind the MINI badge makes it an attractive buy.

In fact, BMW have already said that around 15,000 customers have already expressed an interest in the car, with those who have already placed pre-orders set to receive theirs during the first quarter of next year.

Commenting on the release, Oliver Zipse, the production manager of the MINI Electric, said: “We are entering an era in which electric cars will become a normal choice for our customers, the Mini Electric will kick off our new model offensive for fully electric vehicles.

The release of the MINI Electric is an example of BMW’s strive to keep the famous brand alive – with electric cars set to be a common sight on our roads in years to come, the news that the MINI will have a future is welcome indeed for any Mini specialist.

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