The Effectiveness of Mini Specialists Trade Stands At Rally Events

One of the great things about the rally events we attend – aside from seeing some fantastic racing by the classic cars we love – is that it allows us to meet fellow Mini enthusiasts, as we swap stories and share advice and expertise. It creates a community, a sense of kinship around the ongoing drive to keep the spirit of this British icon alive.

As we’ve been Mini specialists since the heyday of the classic Mini, we are fortunate to find ourselves in a good position to offer industry-leading advice, support and sales when it comes to repairing, restoring or customising any Mini model. Aside from the many trade shows and rallies we attend, we are also involved in our very own rally events – The HRCR Mini Sport Cup; the 2018 competition of which is very much in full swing at the moment.


Mini Specialists Trade Stands At Rally Events

If you’re a Mini owner, attending a rally will provide you with the chance to seek out advice and assistance when it comes to improving your own classic car. Whilst the internet is a great resource, it may be difficult to come across the clear expert advice needed to understand what needs to be done to your Mini to get it up-and-running to how you would like it to be.

Here at Mini Sport, we believe in combining the traditional way of doing things, along with the modern way. As you can see from our website, we have quite the extensive catalogue of parts and spares that gives Mini specialists bountiful access to the parts they need.


However, we understand that many people prefer a human face to the service they deal with and ‘being out in the field’, so to speak, allows us to connect with people to offer them the direct assistance they need. In the end, this allows them to make better, informed decisions on the action to take with their own Minis.


The Benefits of Attending A Mini Rally Event

Regardless if you’re looking to attend a rally purely for the racing, to meet fellow enthusiasts, or to pick up some hints and tips on improving your own Mini (or all three), why not pop round to a trade stand where you’ll be able to find:

  • Advice. Need some help on a particular issue you may be experiencing with your own Mini? A trade stand will contain an array of Mini specialists who are able to help you with anything from finding the right Mini gearbox, to recreating an entire Mini from scratch.
  • If you find that Mini parts and spares are normally difficult to a hold of, a trade stand will allow you to source whatever you need without having to spend much time and money in seeking them out elsewhere.
  • Networking. Not just for parts to obtain, but you’ll also be able to find more information on events, particular racing clubs and just generally build up your contact base for future reference.
  • Brand awareness. Being at a trade show will help you to familiarise yourself with the scene, providing you with an insight into the expert services you may need to improve the running of your own Mini.


Find Us At A Rally Near You Soon.

Taking place on Sunday 5th August on the Solway Coast, the 4th round of The Mini Sport Cup will see many a classic Cooper or two continue the battle for the 2018 championship. Taking place over 40 miles of channelling roads, owned by the Ministry of Defence, the event is part of The Solway Coast Rally, with the HRCR Event comprising day two.


Stayed tuned to our blog or check out our Facebook page, both of which are constantly updated with news and reviews about the many events we attend throughout the year.


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