The Classic Mini At 60: The Stories That Made Generations of People Into Mini Specialists

If you’re a regular follower of this blog, then you may have seen our posts about 2019 being the 60th anniversary of the first Mini rolling off the production line!

Throughout the course of the year, there have been a number of events celebrating this special birthday – from Mini Action Day to The International Mini Meeting and most recently, at the Goodwood Revival. Packed with numerous displays, demonstrations and even some good-natured racing, the heart of these events were the people who recollected their memories of how they became Mini specialists.

In celebrating the anniversary, a recent article from the BBC featured personal stories of Mini owners of all ages. Although each of them had their own unique reasons behind their love for their cars, the nature of their stories all sounded familiar. So here, we’re going to cover our favourites, perhaps they may even remind you of your own love for this classic automotive brand.

Mini Owners and Specialists Alike Reminisce About Their Mini’s.

The Mini Family.

It can be easy to assume that classic cars like Mini’s are preferred by the older generation; those who remember when they were the ‘height of cool’ back in the 60s. However, one of the reasons why the brand has continued to endure is thanks to their family appeal – something which has been passed down the generations.

In the BBC article, Sarah Nicoll explained that she ‘grew up in a household where both her parents owned Mini’s, so it was only a matter of time before she bought her own’. Her 1997 Mini Cooper 1275, Hawaiian blue car (named ‘Gerry’) takes pride of place as part of The Red Dragon Mini Club, an organisation she set up with her partner due to their shared love of the classic Mini – North Wales getting a vibrant Mini community as a result.


To the uninitiated, it may seem rather peculiar to see the word ‘community’ used in conjunction with cars – but this is precisely what appeals to many Mini owners. Even the younger Mini specialists love to get involved – Jack Parker and his girlfriend Ria regularly attend Mini events, citing the prospect of ‘meeting lots of new people’ and the ‘incredible community’ that keeps them returning. It may be 60 years old, but the Mini community certainly has a bright future!

Creating ‘Something New, From Something Old’.

One of the main reasons behind many a person’s ownership of a Mini is the opportunity to repair, restore or even to completely reimagine classic models; creating something new out of something old. Meeting such challenges and seeing their creations back out on the road is the real joy of owning a Mini for many of our own customers here at Mini Sport.

Speaking to the BBC, Chris Moss, from Lincoln, explained that his love lies in restoring classic Mini models and he is the proud owner of six different types of Mini’s that he has worked on himself – the oldest being a 1962 Wolseley Hornet. First purchasing a Mini he described as a ‘wreck’ at the age of 17, Chris managed to scrabble enough money together to carry out the restoration, igniting a passion within him that he’s never lost.

“I spend much of my time, and money, working on the cars. It is not a cheap hobby, but when you love something it’s worth it.”

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Mini Sport – Leading Providers of ‘Everything Mini’.

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