“Testing, Testing… The new car breaks cover!”

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With all the work on the build of my replacement MINI now completed by Mini Sport’s own spanner wizard Michael Anderson, a proper shakedown was required.

This took the form of an entry into the Solway Coast Rally near Dumfries at the weekend. The purpose was to use the event as a test to sort out car and driver as there are a few upgrades from the previous MINI. (But none to the driver!) With usual co-driver Ben Anderson strapped to the “other” seat we set about getting used to the car.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 13.42.34Plenty of damper settings were tried the new massive AP Racing brakes were thoroughly tested! All to good effect.

The brakes took a few runs to learn how to best use them as the previous car used a servo… The new ones require a larger leg muscle but they are incredible!

We had a couple of spins and near spins along the way but with more mileage things got tidier and much quicker.

Only problem was a cracked exhaust manifold which gradually slowed us down over the last few stages, we sounded like an old tractor by the last stage but we got valuable seat and set up time over the days stages.

All in all, we had a great days testing in fantastic weather and the car is exciting to drive. It’s great to be back in a rally car again!

Blog courtesy of Martin Page of Team Mini Sport. 

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