Team Mini Sport: Jack Hartley & Gary Dawes – Dixies Historic Challenge 2019 Report

We returned to Epynt with a slight power upgrade from last years event. The current 1293cc engine made the fast and open Military Ranges a bit more interesting than our previous 998cc Engine. Since the AGBO, the Engine and Gearbox have been at Mini Sport as I was having problems with 3rd Gear. It turned out this were due to some wear in the gearbox, which Michael quickly sorted.

The day went very smoothly for us, mostly. We had a bit of an off on Stage 4 where I must’ve missed the double caution on the crest, causing me to go straight on at the following T junction instead of right. It seems that you can’t brake very well when none of the wheels are touching the ground! This lost us some time but managed to get back on the road and kept it going so it could’ve been worse. The following stages went without any problems and we set consistent times for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, entering one of the time controls on a road section, the marshal mistakenly gave us a different time to what we asked for, meaning we were somehow booked into control early, in a queue! This lead to us being given a 1 minute time penalty which didn’t do us any favours. Obviously we tried to get this sorted but the officials were having none of it, so it stood. We lost a few positions to this but we came away with 8th Mini and first in Category 3, so overall it was a good day.

Jack Hartley – Mini Sport Rally Team

(Photos courtesy of Michael Anderson)

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