Team Mini Sport At Mull Rally

Taking place on the Isle of Mull in Northern Scotland, the Mull Rally is an annual event in which is attended by many racing VIPs, considered the best rally in the UK by competitors and is watched by hundreds of thousands around the world. 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the rally, Mini Sport have been involved since the start, way back in 1959 – so of course as a Mini specialist, our crews were there racing their Minis.


Team Mini Sport’s Results  

During this year’s rally the drivers battled against horrendous conditions. Some even described the rain as ‘biblical weather’ compared it to the biblical flood of Noah and his ark. However, despite the horrific driving conditions, all four of our Minis reached the finish point, despite many other drivers falling to the wayside. This weather is where you see the true quality of the preparation of the car, the driver & the navigator. We couldn’t be more proud of our Minis, the team & their skills.

Team Mini Sport’s crews & results:

  • Daniel Harper & Chris Campbell – seeded 4th, finished 2nd.
  • Jack Hartley & Gary Dawes – seeded 105th, finished 30th.
  • John Cressey & Martin Cressey – seeded 36th, finished 36th.
  • Clive King & Anton Bird – seeded 79th, finished 63rd.


The Mull Rally

This year the Mull Rally took place between the 11th and 13th of October. It was attended by a numerous motorsport VIPs including the head of Motorsport UK, Dave Richards; however the VIP attendants were not the only reason this year’s rally was so special. This year’s rally marks a return to the event which had been sorely missed for the last two years, as the 1990 Strathclyde act was replaced earlier this year in April by the Scottish government. This means that after a 1089 day wait, the organisers of Britain’s first ever closed-road rally were able to welcome over 140 crews to the island’s awesome tarmac roads.

The Mull Rally was the only closed-road rally this year in Scotland, so it’s no surprise that in less than an hour the entry list was full. So large and overwhelming was the demand for a spot in this incredible race; the website crashed. When describing the launch, Andy Jardine, Beatson’s Mull Rally clerk of the course said “I’m not sure even Kim Kardashian has broken her website with new material as quickly as we did! It’s amazing.”

Mini Sport’s drivers Daniel Harper & Chris Campbell finished in second place driving in a Mini JCW WRC. When interviewed after finished in second place, Harper revealed that they had experienced a total brake failure through Ben More and Scridain, and as such he was very happy with second place; indeed driving with a total brake failure is no easy feat.


Why Race A Mini In A Rally?

With so many cars to choose from, you might be curious as to why the Mini Sport Team chooses to race in a Mini. The mini is a true British icon; invented as a response to the Suez Crisis and fuel rationing of the ‘50s it became the popular British icon we know today during the Swinging Sixties. Whilst many see the Mini as just an automotive icon of British culture, it is a superb racing machine; as demonstrated by our driver’s excellent performance in the Mull Rally.

However, the Mini is more than just an iconic vehicle to race in for us. It is our passion, ever since the halcyon days of the Mini; we have been there, providing parts and spares to fellow enthusiasts from all over the world. As a result, we have established a world-leading service in the supply of everything Mini; it’s still going strong over 50 years later. Indeed, Mini Sport, just like the Mini itself has channelled a philosophy for classic British design, engineering and motorsport; all things which make the Mini and the Mini community so special.


What’s Available From Mini Sport? 

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(Photos courtesy of James Officer)

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