European Van Delivery

Flexible Delivery Options

Mini Sport is renowned internationally as the leading suppliers in Mini parts. Our clientele stretches from just around the corner to the other side of the globe and with such a great reception across the world we like to guarantee that our delivery and shipping is as reliable as the parts that we sell. For our customers in Europe we offer an exclusive van delivery service, which guarantees your order reaches you in perfect condition, direct to your door – ideal for larger parcels and orders.

European Delivery Zones

Our specialised van delivery service visits Holland, Belgium, Germany and France every 4 weeks with a member of the Mini Sport team delivering parcels direct to you.

Our delivery schedule runs reliably each month with competitive pricing across Europe. You can find each European zone listed below with the price ranges that run parallel to the area and parcel size.


European Delivery Prices

Please see below for our list over delivery costs in relation to the order value and location. To order or receive a quote, please contact a member of the Mini Sport sales team at:


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