Our Engineering Heritage

Engineering experience is something that has provided a solid foundation for the Mini Sport family. Based in Lancashire, the roots of Mini Sport were sewn on the heritage of automotive legends like Henry Royce who built is first car here in 1904. Just a few years later Henry Royce formed a partnership with another local man C.S Rolls and the history of the momentous Rolls Royce began.


If we turned the clock back 150 years or so, we would find another engineering masterpiece launching it’s passengers across the North West of England at speeds that had them clutching onto their flat-caps. Stephenson’s Rocket, designed and engineered in Manchester by Robert Stephenson, would be a locomotive that would change the template of steam engines for the next Century.

It was the Industrial Revolution and it’s astute engineers, which would make the country famous and at Mini Sport it was a tradition of innovation and success that we worked hard to establish and retain across three generations.

Our Engineering Department

Our on-site Engineering Department is complete with fully trained craftsmen and skilled engineers who direct the entire production process from design to manufacture, ensuring the highest degree of quality control for all Mini Sport parts and components.


All Mini Sport engineered cams and cranks are ground with precision that would bring a nod of approval from Mr. Royce.  Our engineering department also works with state-of-the-art, contemporary methods of production with the addition of computer-aided machinery for unparalleled accuracy and quality. The quality of the products, engineered and manufactured in Mini Sport has given us global recognition as leaders in the production of modified performance parts, engines, engine kits and cylinder heads.

Mini Sport Engineered Parts

All services, fittings and restoration projects at Mini Sport have been reinforced by our accomplished engineering department. We produce performance parts exclusively for the Mini, which are available to purchase from our showroom and on our online store. each part has been designed and developed with almost 60 years of knowledge and experience of the Mini.

We also manufacture parts for collaborations with Paddy Hopkirk Mini and the Cooper Car Company, prestigious names that have built and rectified the success of the Mini and Mini Cooper.


M.A.D Engineering

With over five decades of involvement in Motorsport; our experience, commitment and skill has proven to be a winning formula for Motorsport engineering. M.A.D (Motorsport Advanced Developments) was established in 2003 as part of the Mini Sport group, directing us to be regarded as the leading suppliers of CNC produced precision engineering components and CAD CAM design/drawing capabilities for the Mini automotive industry.


Working closely with Mini Sport customers, technicians and motorsport teams, M.A.D has shaped engineering ideas and innovations from a universal understanding of the Mini and the Mini driver.

M.A.D. prides itself on being a trusted supplier to many companies in the automotive industry. Our precision engineers have an enviable reputation for providing the highest quality CNC produced precision products and first-class customer service. Continual investment in the latest machinery and computer technology in addition to recruiting the best quality precision engineers, ensures that M.A.D. continues to make breakthroughs in the innovation of automotive engineering.

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