Engine Remanufacture

What is Engine Remanufacturing?

Engine remanufacturing is the term used to refer to the complete re-manufacture of an engine to the manufacturers initial specifications. Engine remanufacture aims to returns all levels of performance and reliability to that of the engines original state.


Engine Remanufacture at Mini Sport

Mini Sport is one of the world’s leading premier suppliers of remanufactured A series A+ engine and components for Mini. With our advanced and efficient production process, backed by over 47 years of experience, Mini Sport is able to supply remanufactured engines and components to the highest quality at extremely competitive prices. We also offer a full range of remanufactured cylinder heads, gearboxes, crankshafts, con rods, camshafts, engine blocks and flywheels, all on an exchange basis.


Our Engine Remanufacturing Process

Our engine remanufacturing process consists of 9 meticulous stages which contribute to the performance and reliability of your remanufactured engine. These stages are as follows…

Dismantled & CleanedEvery engine and component is completely stripped, removing and discarding all gaskets, oil seals, bearing and pistons for the next stage. All major engine components that are to be used will be put through an intensive cleaning process. The cleaning process includes a chemical dip, high pressure spray wash system, abrasive modes of cleaning and a final rinsing to flush all debris.

Inspection of PartsFollowing the intense cleaning process, each component is then accurately inspected for wear, stress cracks and damage before being measured for size, ovality, taper and alignment. If any component does not meet specification or tolerances they are then replaced.

Cylinder Block RemanufacturingBolt and stud threads are cleaned. Any damaged threads are replaced. The cylinder blocks are rebored and then honed to give the essential cross hatch micro finish.


All gasket surfaces are machine refaced producing the correct surface finish and accurate deck height. New cam bearings, core plugs and oil gallery plugs are then fitted and the block is painted in the colour of your choice, (British Racing Green is the standard colour choice), using special high temperature engine paint.

Crankshaft RemanufacturingCrankshafts are crack tested, the journals are reground to the next undersize then micro-finished, polished to the exact tolerances. All surfaces are then re-measured and checked,

oil galleries de-burred and thoroughly cleaned. Finally, each crankshaft is dynamically balanced to ensure smooth and efficient running.

Conrod Manufacturing

All conrod bearing housings are measured for size, ovality and taper, any non-conforming items are discarded, Every conrod is checked for alignment and weight and graded into engine sets, before they are finally dynamically balanced.

Camshaft Remanufacturing

Measured for straightness and wear. Cam profiles are reground to original valve timing/lift specifications. Finally the camshafts are heat treated by a nitrocarburising process which ensures a long service life. The journals can then be polished if required for finish.

Cylinder Head RemanufacturingThe cylinder heads are cleaned in an additional process to ensure all old carbon deposits are removed. All valve guides are renewed, valve seats are recut (replaced if required) to ensure correct seating and position.


All valves are examined for damage, head thickness, stem wear and replaced or machined as necessary. Rocker and block faces are surface ground to the correct tolerance, ensuring a perfect seal with the gaskets. The painting process is then completed to the colour of your choice, (British Racing Green standard) using special high temperature engine paint. Finally, the cylinder head is assembled completely with valve springs, top caps, collets and valve stem oil seals, ready for fitment.

Rocker AssemblyThe complete rocker assembly is stripped, cleaned, checked, machined where necessary and then rebuilt using a new rocker shaft.


Mini Sport Engine Assembly

Prior to assembly, all components are thoroughly checked, measured and cleaned to ensure that all contamination is completely removed. Painting the cylinder block and head using high temperature engine enamel in British Racing Green as standard. Other colours are available on request.

Once all quality control checks are completed and passed, the engine is then assembled by one of our skilled technicians, using all new pistons including rings, crankshaft bearings, thrust washers, timing chain and tensioner (where applicable), oil pump, pressure release valve and spring, gaskets, oil seals and oil filter. All of the new components have been selected for their durability, reliability and are sourced extensively from the original OE manufacturers where ever possible. All O.E torque settings are adhered to during assembly.


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