Cooper Car Company Conversions

When we were approached by Mike Cooper, son of the legendary John Cooper in 2014 with the prospect of re-launching the ‘Cooper Car Company’ in association with Mini Sport, we were overwhelmed. Later that year the brand was officially re-launched, sparking a new enthusiasm for the original heritage of Cooper for another generation to appreciate the classic roots of one of one of the most influential names in Mini.

The Cooper Legacy

John Cooper’s legacy has been momentous in motoring and the innovation of the Cooper Car Company, helped pioneer the face of Motorsport that still lives on in the Mini and Racing. The Cooper Car Company has been influential in the rise and success of the Mini and John Cooper’s legacy and innovation pioneered the way for Motorsport that is still prominent today. The heritage of the brand is now channeled in both classic and contemporary Mini’s with performance, economy and style always in mind.


Mini Sport & The Cooper Car Company

Mini Sport have worked with Cooper Car Co. previously with the original Cooper conversion and tuning kits created here at Mini Sport, the first time round in the 1980’s. Our innovation in engineering and the success of our thriving M.A.D department has enabled us to work hard to develop parts and assemblies that are perfectly suited to enhance the driving experience of Mini and this exclusive launch was certainly something worth shouting about!


The original Cooper Car Company parts became internationally recognised for their reliability and profound potential for Motorsport and auto racing – with their innovation gaining several prestigious wins; dominating Formula One throughout the 1950’s and the 1960’s.

Cooper Conversions

As the official UK agents of the Cooper Car Company collection, we have become internationally recognised as the Cooper Car Company Conversion specialists, converting Mini’s from across the World for additional power, performance and economy.


The Cooper Conversion Kits are becoming increasingly popular with Mini enthusiasts travelling from across the World to have their conversion fitted at Mini Sport. The retro conversions are available for all Cooper SPi models from 1992 onwards, developed to enhance the Mini Cooper driving experience. Specifically selected, unique tuning components which have been designed and developed to enhance your Mini’s entire driving experience; whilst offering the classic characteristics of the iconic Mini Cooper, designed by John Cooper.


These characteristics are directly reminiscent of the Mini Coopers which took the Cooper Car Company brand to it’s pinnacle in the Motorsport World – including several formula series, rallies and touring car victories which used tuned Mini Coopers for success – just like the ones we convert.

In the Press

Many of the Cooper Car Company Conversions that we work on, here at Mini Sport have been featured in some of the biggest media outlets, dedicated to the Mini – these include both Mini Magazine and Mini World. You can find more photos of the Cooper Car Company Conversions over in our gallery. Visit our online store and explore the Cooper Car Company collection for yourself.

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