Probably the Best Mini Event on the Calendar….


The Mini Sport stand at the 2016 Mini Action Day

The Mini Sport stand at the 2016 Mini Action Day

The annual Mini Action Day sponsored by Mini Sport took place this weekend, and what a fantastic day we had.

3rd place was Simon Humphrey's Fiesta Yellow 62 Mini Deluxe,

3rd place was Simon Humphrey’s Fiesta Yellow 62 Mini Deluxe

There was plenty of amazing Mini’s of all varieties, track action, and competitions. Our Mini Sport stand was packed with just about everything you could possibly want for your Mini and an eclectic collection of 18 beautiful Mini’s, from the Mini Cooper Register, and friends of Mini Sport.

This year saw the 15th anniversary of the MINI so Mini Action day celebrated this with a fantastic display of ‘New’ MINI’s, many of which could be heard racing round the Castle Combe circuit at top speeds throughout the day.

1pm saw the first of the parade laps, where the proud owners got a chance to go around the circuit with friends and family on board, showing off their pride and joy to the on looking spectators. This was followed later by the ‘Mini Sport Parade’ where the cars from our stand drove around the circuit for 3 laps, giving people a chance to see our cars on the move…… and listen to some of those amazing engines….

The top 20 cars of the show then got an opportunity to show off to the crowds and do a parade lap, the cars were carefully chosen by Mini Sport staff, an incredibly tough decision given some of the cars on display at the show……

2nd place was Jon Tarr's 1275 GT,

2nd place was Jon Tarr’s 1275 GT Clubman

As the cars prepared for their lap, the top 3 were chosen, an incredibly difficult decision, however the results were as follows: In 3rd place was a beautiful Fiesta Yellow 1962 Mini Deluxe owned by Simon Humphrey, having been given the car from his grandmother who had owned it from new. 2nd place was a 1275 GT Clubman owned by John Tarr, and the winner was a Heinz 57 MK2 Wolsely Hornet, complete with the original make up draw on the passenger side.

Congratulations to the 3 winners, and all the cars that were chosen for the ‘car of show’ parade.

the winner was Kevin Ford's Heinz 57 Wolsely Hornet MK2

1st place – best in show – was Kevin Ford’s Mk2 Heinz 57 Wolsely Hornet


We can’t wait for next year!

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