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They say that mighty oaks from little acorns grow; this is something that the history of Mini Sport very much encapsulates. After being founded during the Mini’s 1960’s heyday to give an enthusiast the means to rid the home of spare parts, the company has grown to become a world-leading name in ‘everything classic Mini’.

As an industry leader in the creation and supply of Mini spares, the need to communicate with our customers in a modern way is simply vital for us here at Mini Sport. This is why we moved quickly to establish an online store and continued to endeavour to update product pages the moment we obtain new items (or have new information about existing ones).

Time doesn’t wait for anything though – even the design of websites! The way in which we access the internet has changed vastly in the last decade alone, so the viewing experiences of older websites on newer devices may be difficult and much slower. Not only does this make the process of purchasing new Mini parts difficult for customers but it also makes finding them in the first place difficult too – search engines, such as Google, reward well-designed websites with a high ranking.

This is why we’ve recently updated our website; improving the browsing experience of our customers (no matter the device they use), as well as presenting our services, products and information in much better, more-defined detail to give fellow Mini fans the best choice in Mini components and accessories.

A New Platform For All of Your Mini Spares

We are very excited to showcase our new Mini spares website, which we believe will be easier-to-browse, more user-friendly and responsive to all browsing devices. Our new website is functional, organised and aesthetically pleasing – the best online Mini catalogue around.

Here are some of the major improvements we’ve made:

  • Ease of use. Slowness or navigation difficulties are common issues with older websites. The design of our new website is intended to be quicker and more responsive; the look and general formatting of the site makes it available to view better on a range of different devices, as well as being easier to navigate.
  • More information. Redesigning our website allows us to display more information about the company, our products and services in better detail. Not only can you learn more about each of these aspects, but you’ll also be able to better understand our products and how they would suit you.
  • Better organisation. The new design allows for a better-organised website, as key information is placed in prominent positions and yet, they do not provide a distraction to the rest of the site. We have also reorganised our product pages under the tabs at the top of the homepage; giving you easy access to any Mini parts and accessories you could need.
  • Improved imagery. One of the main attractions of the classic Mini is its timeless look that immediately informs onlookers of the brand behind the car they’re viewing (as it passes them on the road or rally course!) This new website gives us the opportunity to display more vibrant imagery of everything Mini – from restored models from all classic eras, pictures of exciting action from our rallying events, right through to in-depth pictures of all the Mini spares that you may need on our product pages.
  • Fresh content. Like any enthusiast, if there’s something else that we enjoy aside from piloting our Mini’s across road and track, it’s talking about piloting them across road and track! (And much more besides). This is why we have always endeavoured to build a community around our brand – owning a Mini is about more than the driving, after all.

    A key part of building this community is this blog section of our website that we use to talk about updates to the company’s product ranges, the events that we attend and our Mini Sport Cup rallying events. We even do some deep dives into the history of the Mini, the eras, people and environments that made it so popular (and continues to) from time-to-time also. You can now check out our latest posts by navigating to the bottom of our new website.

Browse Our Website For A World-Leading Selection of Classic Mini Parts

So that’s our new website – please feel free to have a look around our new website, testing out the new features mentioned above.

If you have any additional questions to ask about our new site, our collection of Mini spares or on anything Mini in general, we would be pleased to hear from you! You can get in touch with us by calling 01282 778731 or by sending an e-mail to sales@minisport.com

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