At Mini Sport we offer full MOT testing service for Mini’s and other cars. Our skilled technicians are passionate about keeping the Mini on the road and will offer thorough advice and guidance to ensure your Mini stays in the best possible condition. Our MOT Tests include a pre MOT check – a simple check to give your car the best chance of passing first time, the actual MOT test and a certificate.

If you’d like to enquire about an MOT Test, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with a member of our team who can answer all your questions and get your Mini passing with flying colours – without the hassle!

Mini Sport Service Schedule
Oil and Filter Service
Includes Millers Classic Oil 20/50, Oil Filter, Air Filter and Sump Plug Washer.
Brake Fluid and Water System Service
Includes replacing Brake fluid, Water in the Cooling system with Anti Freeze, Radiator cap and Screenwash.
Electric System Service
Includes Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Leads (silicone), Sports Coil, Points, Condenser & Rotor Arm (Mini Carburettor models only)
Tracking/ Wheel Alignment Service
Includes front wheel tracking/ alignment service and rear wheel alignment check. Mini all models (dependant on type of suspension fitted)
Tyre Pressure and Wheel Balance Service
Includes removal of all 4 wheels, computer balanced, tyre pressures set, refitment and torqued to pressure.
12000 Miles Service
Includes Oil 20/50, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Rocker Cover Gasket, Sump Plug Washer, Rocker Cover Cap, Spark Plugs, Brake Cleaner, Screen Wash (Carb models: Points, Condenser, Rotor Arm), (Injection models: Fuel Filter and Alarm Batteries) all fitted and ready to go.
MOT Testing
Includes a pre MOT check, MOT test and Certificate.
Rolling Road Tuning
Includes up to 1.5 hours of testing on the rolling road, checking engine timing, ignition system, fuelling system and emissions. Competition cars with Twin carbs & Weber carbs, Mini Stocks etc can all be tuned on the rolling road to maximise power and performance.