Mini WRC In Action At The 2018 Le Rallye Charlemagne

On the 29th and 30th September, the Mini Sport team will be attending the prestigious Le Rallye Charlemagne, which is taking place in Hautmont, Northern France. Organised by racing promotions company Genesis Sport and local rally club ASA 59, the event will see Mini WRC action, alongside a number of other notable rallying names, including local favourites, Peugeot and Renault. It promises to be two days of exciting racing, with crews from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK all taking part.


Mini WRC’s; Making Their Way To The 2018 Le Rallye Charlemagne

Mini WRCLocated around 16km from the border with Belgium, the area around Hautmont provides excellent rallying and sightseeing opportunities. The city itself is surrounded by the Avesnois regional wildlife park (the equivalent of a UK National Park) with varying terrain that represents an ideal challenge for any rally driver.

The event itself has been running for a number of years now; and is named after Charlemagne, a celebrated historical figure in local history. Otherwise known as ‘Charles The Great’, he has been recognised as being the first ‘emperor’ to rule western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, and laying the foundations for the development of medieval Europe. The Frankish kingdom represented much of modern-day France and Belgium – so you can see why such a figure is still so renowned in a place such as Hautmont (although, with any luck it’ll be Mini WRC who’ll be bringing the Le Rallye Charlemagne crown over the channel!)

Having already attended an international rallying event in Belgium earlier this month, we’re very much looking forward to experiencing what the Le Rallye Charlemagne has to offer. Whether it’s over asphalt, dirt or track, you can always guarantee that the Mini will offer an unforgettable racing experience.

Please stay tuned to our blog for the latest news on the Mini rallying events that we’re attending, including an in-depth report on our experiences at the 2018 Le Rallye Charlemagne. Why not join our Facebook page to get instant updates, photos, videos and more?


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