Mini Sport support Clive King in H1 Class Win at Wales Rally GB 2015

Mini Sport & Motorsport have been bound together long before Mini Sport as a company was established. Mini Sport founder, Brian Harper ignited our passion for Rally & Race following the debut of the original Mini back in ’59, when the power and potential of the humble car was demonstrated in a series of auto tests, sprints, hill climbs and circuit racing competitions with impressive successes.

More than five decades later the Mini Sport Motorsport team has contributed to Championship wins across the World with some personal victories for the Harper family, most notably in the 1975 Shellsport Rally, the 1995 British Rally Championship and the 1997 Network Q RAC Rally.

Our active involvement in the design & development of the Mini from day one has provided us with unparalleled experience & excellence in the preparation of both classic & contemporary Mini’s for Motorsport. Our adept service centre has continued to become a forever-thriving community, which welcomes all kinds of vehicles to undergo an extensive preparation process, tailored for competition use and championship wins.

This year alone, we have worked with Motorsport teams and drivers as part of the Mini Miglia and Mini Se7ens Championships as well as the HRCR’s (Historic Rally Car Register) Old Stager, Mini Sport Mini Cup and Clubman Rally Championships. Our commitment to these race and rally series across the country has awarded us with a collective achievement record which boasts championship and class wins including Steve Entwistle’s Clubman Rally Championship, Clive King’s Rally GB Championship H1 Class Win and a Second Place victory for Dave Drew’s Mini Sport backed Mini Miglia – just in the last six months, let alone the previous five decades…


Our most recent accolade follows our support for HRCR resident Clive King and his ambitious class win at the Wales Rally GB over the weekend of the 13th – 15th November 2015. Our involvement with Clive and the Rally GB really exercised the skills & commitment of the Mini Sport team, who managed the entire preparation of Clive’s 1964 Cooper S in the build up to the challenging stages of Rally GB 2015.


Over the weekend it was clear that the weather conditions, perhaps the toughest of the year with strong wind and rain would pose one of the most serious obstacles throughout the championship but it would be an unfortunate gearbox fault, which required a complete replacement in the dark and damp conditions that would really test our dedicated team. Fortunately our endurance & enthusiasm ensured that all replacements were made swiftly and safely with the Cooper fresh and fine-tuned by 3am on Saturday morning to complete the rest of the championship and claim the H1 Class Win.


The complete Mini Sport preparation process is exhaustive with a full range of bespoke services to cover all your professional Motorsport requirements, from body shell preparation and assemblies to seam welding, roll cage installation and weight reduction. We offer wiring services with a full supply of electrical and lighting components for installation by our trained technicians. Our engineering department also offers a complete engine remanufacturing process for A series and A+ engines for Mini with an advanced production process backed by 47 years of experience, providing reliable performance engines for competition use.

With passion & tenacity, the Mini Sport team have been involved in Motorsport wins since the launch of the Mini in 1959 with iconic wins in some of the toughest championships in every decade since the sixties. Like we said before, Mini Sport & Motorsport have been bound from the beginning and with five decades behind us, we’re only just getting started!


Our Motorsport preparation services and support has enabled us to charter the success of champions from the minute they enter our service centre to the moments we spend servicing on the stage… For more information on our Motorsport preparation services & support please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our dedicated team on 01282 778731

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