Mini Sport Sponsored Dave Drew: 2018 Dunlop Mini Miglia Challenge 11th & 12th Round Report

Cadwell Park Race Report Rounds 11 & 12



A wet qualifying yet again which really wasn’t ideal when we are trying to achieve the best results for our championship campaign, but we all have to go with whatever is thrown at us. We tested all day Friday and found the right set up for dry conditions, but no wet circuit meant it was a guessing game yet again. Qualifying wasn’t very interesting really and I managed to get P5 Row 3 for the race which was ok.


Race 1

The weather increasingly got a lot worse for Race 1 and lots of standing water and lakes across the track made very difficult driving conditions, add to that the car was steaming up inside and visibility was almost non-existent. I managed to get a reasonable start and progressed into 4th place and was staying with the front 3 for a number of laps, but the spray and conditions we were dealing with was tested to the limits and I chose to drive a safe P4 and bag as many points as possible to top up my lead and hope that the front 3 would tangle and perhaps a gifted podium may come along, but they didn’t clash so happy to bring it home and bag 17 points.


Race 2

A very different day regarding the weather and we qualified P4 Row 2 outside. I fluffed the start and managed to bog down which was unusual for me, so straight away I was on the chase of the same 3 from Race 1, this time Kane Astin was a real thorn in the side of the reigning champion Rupert Deeth and looked like they were going to take each other off, I kept plenty of pressure on all 3 for best part of 6 laps until I made slight mistake at the goose neck exit which allowed Colin Peacock to have the run on me entering the Mountain complex which was a very late and brave move, but if I hadn’t of made the initial mistake there was no way Colin would of got past, the race finished very close between all of us but sadly P5 was all I could achieve.

The Championship is still being led by myself by 13 points overall but only 1 point when taking the drop scores into account, so we now go to the final meeting of the year at Silverstone for the Championship showdown. I have to have the perfect meeting and drive the best I have ever driven to secure the title and hope that Aaron Smith suffers mechanical failure.



Dave Drew Mini Sport Miglia 29

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