Mini Sport Mini Cup Review: EMCOS Red Dragon IT Stages, Down Ampney

On Saturday, the Mini Sport Mini Cup of 2016 continued with the third round of the championship at the EMCOS Red Dragon IT Stages based at Down Ampney, Gloucestershire. This popular stage hosts 65 miles of concrete runways, chicane and several splits across 8 stages for competitors to challenge their Mini’s on.

For this round of the HRCR ‘Old Stager’ Championship incorporating the Mini Sport Mini Cup, the competition welcomed back Bruce Mills who had worked hard on repairing his Clubman following a tumble at the previous round at Dixie’s Historic Challenge, Epynt.

Stage 1 & 2

Following the first two stages of the third round Jonathan Bennett took an early lead for the open class and overall followed by Clive King, Adrian Kermode and last years Mini Sport Mini Cup champion, Andrew O’Hanlon who were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the historic class and 2nd, 3rd and 4th for the Mini Sport Mini Cup.

Unfortunately as Stage 2 got into the swing of things, it took a few unexpected casualties with Bruce Mills being stunted by some electrical issues and Rhodri Roberts Mini Cooper S returning to service with some adverse engine issues. Peter Ellerby and his Mini Cooper S were also affected by electrical issues, which forced them to take a two-minute break on the stage.


Stage 3

On Stage 3, Jonathan & Nigel Bennett lost their lead when the differential decided to part company with the gearbox. The lead was then shortly taken by Andrew O’Hanlon followed by Clive King & Anton Bird and Adrian Kermode & Maurice Beckett.

Stage 4

As the third round of the championship reached it’s second half the Clive King and Andrew O’Hanlon returned to service on tired tyres after dueling for the lead, Adrian Kermode and Maurice Beckett returned in 3rd place.


Stage 5 & 6

Despite the threatening issue of losing water, plaguing Clive King and his 1964 Cooper S – Clive cemented his fasted stage time on Stage 5 of Round 3. However, Adrian Kermode took on his fastest time on Stage 6 taking the lead, followed closely by Andrew O’Hanlon and Clive King in 3rd place losing 15 seconds.

Stage 7

In the penultimate round of the Red Dragon IT stages we witnessed Adrian Kermode and Clive King battle it out neck and neck, followed by Andrew O’Hanlon with the third fastest time.

Stage 8

As we entered the final round of the red Dragon Stages, a battle between Adrian Kermode, Clive King and Andrew O’Hanlon for the top spot began with what could have been, the closest competition yet. Eventually Adrian Kermode & Maurice Beckett came out first with a time of 66 minutes and 59 seconds and Clive King and Andrew O’Hanlon drew with a total time of just 67 minutes and 3 seconds – a difference of just 4 seconds in total!


The total scoring for the day was Adrian Kermode in 1st, Clive King 2nd and Andrew O’Hanlon 3rd. Nigel Hart took the open class victory and Bruce Mills was the winner of our exclusive Yokohama UK tyres raffle.


The fourth round of the HRCR Old Stager Championship incorporating the Mini Sport Mini Cup will take place on Sunday the 12th June at the Garth Tyre and Auto Services Midsummer Stages, Caerwent, Monmouthshire.

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