Mini Sport Launch ‘R’ Range Brake Kits

We’re delighted to announce the release of our hotly anticipated ‘R’ Range Brake Kits.

It’s the ultimate braking experience. Completely focused and performance oriented, the Mini Sport ‘R’ Range brake kit is equally at home on the track as it is on the open road. With its ultra-lightweight construction and pioneering technology, it delivers super car stopping power time and again, that would shame many of its rivals.

Brake Kit Includes:

• 2 x Monoblock Calipers
• 2 x Vented Rotors
• 2 x Aluminium Bells
• 2 x Aluminium Drive Flange
• 2 x Aeroquip Brake Hoses
• Set of Bespoke Brake Pads*
• Mounting Kit
* Choose Fast Road or Competition Specification Brake Pads

Monoblock 4-Piston Caliper

The rigid, 4-Piston Aluminium Monoblock Brake Calipers have been engineered without compromise to deliver undiluted feedback, with exceptional consistency to withstand extremely high braking forces, redefining what is possible!

Rotor & Bell Assembly

High performance, minimum weight!
Thanks to their two-piece construction and DNA taken directly from Motorsport, the lightweight assembly delivers greater acceleration, braking and handling, whilst heat is controlled in the most extreme conditions.

You can check this incredible piece of kit out in the flesh, at Mini Fair, Bingley Hall, this Sunday, where we will be unveiling the ‘R’ Range Brake Kits on our stand…

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