Mini Sport: How To Fit Suspension Cones

Are you considering fitting a set of Moulton Smootha Ride Front Suspension Cones to your Classic Mini? We realise that a lot of Mini enthusiasts try to fit these themselves and they can be a frustrating job we have decided to provide you with a step by step guide…

The first step to fitting suspension cones is to make sure you have the correct specialist tools. Among the other usual garage tools you will need to include a  Cone Compressor which is essential for the job in hand.

Step 1:

The first step is to loosen the wheel nuts of the side you are going to work on then remove the subframe tower bolt from the bulkhead. For this you will most likely need a socket.

Step 2:

Step two involves using your cone compression tool, but be sure to use the right one as older Minis have a different thread (finer thread for older Minis). Now you screw the bars thread all the way down the subframe tower bolt hole and as far into the Cone as possible.

Our mechanic has used his own ratchet handle with his Cone Compression tool but it will usually be ‘T’ shaped. Take this part and screw this into the threaded bar as tight as possible.

Step 3:

Now it is time to send the car up in the air. Our mechanic will use a ramp but a good car jack will do. Our mechanic has also used axel stands to steady the car, as should you. Now the car is off the ground you can remove the wheel and see the Suspension Cone.

Step 4:

The next step is to remove the Upper Arm and Damper to allow you to access the Cone. To do this you may have to flex the Inner Wing slightly to reach the necessary bolts but avoid bending it if you can. Your wrench will be useful here. You can see the before and after removing the Upper Arm here →


Step 5:

Now you can remove the Suspension Cone. In the image below you can see the difference in height between the New Cone and the Old Standard Cone. The difference in height is mainly due to the weight of the engine, over time, compressing the Cones.

Step 6:

Refitting. The next step is to insert the new Suspension Cones in place and wind it up (using the compression tool) before fitting the Adjsta Ride Trumpets.


Step 7:

Next is to slide the Upper Arm back in place and fit the Knuckle Joints. We used new knuckle joint as we were changing the cones from Standard to Adjusta Ride however if you are simply replacing the existing Cones there is no reason not to use the same knuckle joint. You can see our mechanic has just fitted the Top Arm.

Step 8:

Now everything is back in place is would be a good idea to check and tighten everything before slowly releasing the Rubber Cone, carefully unwinding the Compression Tool. Next you can replace the bolt (tightening it to the required torque setting) and rubber bushes in the bulkhead, that the Compression Tool went into. Oh and of course refit you wheel!


Hopefully this quick guide will give you a better idea of how to fit you own Suspension Cones. If you ever need any advice fitting however, our sales team are always happy to help you. You can call them on 01282 778731 or email them at


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