Neil and Don own Mini’s, drive Mini’s, compete in Mini’s and love their Mini’s. Their passion for Mini’s is channeled into Mini clubs, events and even the organization of the Alpine Mini Tour, which they founded over 15 years ago. With the Mini culture present in every area of their life, the decision was made to establish Cooper S Imports – specializing in Mini parts & components.


Neil & Don

Neil’s first Mini- a green 1967 Mini from Mrs. Green who lived in Green Street was an unforgettable purchase, so when he saw an identical version by the side of the road 17 years ago, his passion for Mini was reignited. Since that moment, there’s been a constant stream of Mini’s through Neil’s garage – including a very special 1966 Mk1 Mini Cooper S rebuild.

Don, a service manager for a local Ford Dealer was also a Mini enthusiast, having owned Mini’s for (almost) all his life. A lifetime dedication to Mini’s and motors has given Don the valuable experience to navigate around a Mini engine without a GPS. With a shared interest in Mini’s it wouldn’t take long for Neil and Don to eventually meet, whilst working on their cars together – a firmly cemented friendship founded from a love of Mini.

Cooper S Imports

Soon the decision was made to establish Cooper S Imports, with the intention to supply the best quality Mini parts and components for Mini enthusiasts just like themselves. Cooper S Imports soon associated themselves with the internationally renowned Mini specialists, Mini Sport – following a meeting at the IMM in England for the 50th anniversary of the Mini.

Mini Sport Down Under

Mini Sport is the World’s leading supplier of classic Mini parts, spares & accessories. Established in 1967, the Mini Sport family has witnessed the entire revolution of the Mini from founder, Brian Harper’s first Mini Purchase in 1960 to the resurrection of the Cooper Car Company brand in 2014. Mini Sport have innovated globally used parts and engineered groundbreaking advances to improve performance in Mini motorsport, giving them internationally acclaim. Their parts are designed, developed and manufactured at their premises in Lancashire, England with over 50 years of Mini know-how.

Now the quality of Mini Sport can be appreciated by a new audience with the help of Neil and Don. A new website with Australian Dollars, over 9000 parts listed and normal service hours has made shopping for Mini parts simple and convenient.

Contact Mini Sport Australia

To find out more about Mini Sport Australia, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Neil & Don on using the contact details below:

Tel: +61 (0)428 661275

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