Mini Sport and the Business of Winning

Success is the lifeblood of any motorsport business.
The phrase ‘Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday’ was coined in the 1960’s as a theory to get manufacturers interested.
And 60 years on, that theory still holds true, as Mini Sport will testify following their win on the 2019 RAC Rally of the Tests.
In a series of firsts, their driver and navigator, Steve Entwistle and Mark Appleton, emerged victorious in Paddy Hopkirk’sMini Cooper S, 6 EMO.
It was the first time a Mini had won the rally, and the first time any crew had led from start to finish over four gruelling days and 750 miles.
For Mini Sport’s managing director, Chris Harper, it was the culmination of a project that began in 2016.
The RAC Rally of the Tests is acknowledged as the one of the toughest regularity rallies in Europe, and a lot of people said it couldn’t be done in a Mini. We were determined to prove them wrong.
“We came close last year, when Steve led the event right up until the Sunday morning before finishing third. It was a great result, but this year’s was so much better.
“There is no substitute for winning in a business like ours, as it establishes our credentials to existing and would-be customers across the globe.

Our long-standing partnership with Paddy has allowed us to grow the business in new areas, with the added bonus of Mini Sport preparing and maintaining 6 EMO and his 1964 Monte Carlo Rally-winning replica 33 EJB.
Paddy is a born winner, as his results over many years prove. But seconds and thirds mean little. For him, finishing first is the only thing that matters.
Mini Sport has a long and illustrious history of rallying in Minis, and we’ve won many events and championships along the way. This is another important milestone for us, and we are already making plans for 2020 and the next one.

– Neil Johnson

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