Mini Sport Services

Mini Sport has been committed to the maintenance and development of the Mini since it’s launch in 1959. With a fully functioning service centre, an adept engineering department and an equipped body shop & spray centre; we are able to offer a comprehensive range of services to enhance you’re Mini driving experience.

Mini Maintenance

The Mini requires regular maintenance checks to ensure that it stays in great condition. Specialist equipment, designed for use on both classic and contemporary Mini’s allow us to provide exclusive services, which are focused on the specific performance attributes and functionality of the Mini. Check out our Rolling Road for a computer-aided diagnosis of your Mini’s power potential.

With a fast-fit center; our team work efficiently and effectively to manage any fitting or repairs to a schedule that is convenient for you – just call us for an enquiry!

Make a Statement

No other car is as fun or exciting to drive and our archive is packed with Mini’s that have certainly made a statement. Our restoration services include bespoke paint jobs and custom bodywork; with modification and conversions gaining praise from customers and critics alike. If you have an idea to make your Mini stand out, we can confirm that we have the expertise and equipment to make it happen.

Our Team

At Mini Sport our teams of engineers and technicians have been trained to the highest degree with unparalleled experience in dealing with Mini’s. Our technicians have worked with iconic names in motorsport and design; garnering exceptional skills in engineering which has lead to international recognition as experts in automotive engineering. Each member of the Mini Sport team offers knowledge in his or her specialist field, which contributes to the quality and accomplished reputation of Mini Sport.

Services for your Mini

  • paddy-hopkirk-engineering
    Our Engineering Heritage Engineering experience is something that has provided a solid foundation for the Mini Sport family. Based in Lancashire, the roots of Mini Sport were sewn on the heritage of automotive legends like Henry Royce who built is first car here...
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  • mini-sport-service-centre
    Servicing & Fitting
    Our Service Centre Like every vehicle the Mini requires a regular service to retain value and keep it in great condition. Our technicians have been trained to highest degree and utilise modern diagnostic equipment and specialised Mini tools to thoroughly service classic and...
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  • mini-sport-body-shop
    Bodyshop & Spray Centre
    Our Bodyshop The Mini Sport Bodyshop & Spray Centre is located alongside our service centre and showroom in Padiham, Lancashire. Our body shop & spray centre has been furnished with modern technology and equipment for a remarkable bodywork, every time. With decades under our...
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  • _DSC2158
    Engine Remanufacture
    What is Engine Remanufacturing? Engine remanufacturing is the term used to refer to the complete re-manufacture of an engine to the manufacturers initial specifications. Engine remanufacture aims to returns all levels of performance and reliability to that of the engines original state. Engine...
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  • catalogue-pdf-banner
    The Mini Sport 2015 Catalogue
    The Mini Sport Catalogue 2015 has landed The Mini Sport Catalogue is the essential handbook for all things Mini Sport. Receive your copy free with any order, pick one up in store or alternatively download your a digital copy from here today! The...
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  • mini-sport-on-the-road
    On the Road – Shows & Events
    As every Mini enthusiast knows – the Mini lifestyle is never complete without attending a few shows and events. At Mini Sport, we love nothing more than getting down to some shows across the weekend to check out the fantastic cars and chat...
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  • restoration-cooper
    Restoration from the Mini Specialists
    Mini Sport Restoration The Mini is a unique classic, which breaks through the mould of convention. It’s heritage and individuality always ensures that it stands out from the rest. At Mini Sport we like to harness the Mini’s character and quality and through...
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  • Exhaust-fitting-mini-sport
    Exhaust Fitting
    Exhaust checks are crucial to ensure that your exhaust system is working correctly and is not channeling any potentially dangerous emissions into the vehicle. At Mini sport we carry out a full range of services that ensure that your Mini is running efficiently including...
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