Mini Engines At The Ready…It’s The 5th & 6th Rounds of The Mini Sport Cup

On the 31st August and 1st September, Mini engines will be going through all the gears in the 5th and 6th rounds of the Mini Sport Cup, as the Tour of Flanders gets underway. Held in northern Belgium, this rallying event, featuring many historical cars, will be held over 200km of closed roads, with challenging terrain testing the driver’s abilities to the limit.

With just two more rounds remaining in this year’s championship, rounds 5 and 6 represent somewhat of a defining moment for this season’s hopefuls as they jockey for position on the season-ending podium. Who will be in the running to lift the Mini Sport Cup as the penultimate and final rounds appear in the rearview mirror?

The team here at Mini Sport is very much looking forward to watching a great weekend of rallying and meeting fellow Mini specialists and enthusiasts along the way.


The Tour of Flanders: A Great Test For Mini Engines.

Although this has been the first time that the Tour of Flanders has been a part of the HRCR Old Stager Historic Rally Championship (incorporating the Mini Sport Cup), the event has been held for a number of years, attracting drivers and spectators from across Western Europe. Its inclusion in this year’s calendar provides a touch of prestige to the competition (as well as a new stage for Mini specialists to show off their custom-built vehicles).

The natural racing ability of the Mini and the robustness of their Mini engines are perfect for this asphalt event – whilst the 2017 rally featured many a Mini, this will be the first opportunity for the classic brand to have its own classification events to race in.

The Tour is part of the Belgium Rally Championship (the oldest race, in fact) and has been popular with British drivers and fans for many years. Perhaps much of the popularity can be put down to its staging in Flanders, a historical region that is strongly entrenched in events during the First World War. The tour takes in places such as Ypres and Passendale (Passchendaele) which the official event website, in Dutch, describes as (being the subject of) ‘fierce battles’ but that now (the only) battles are the exciting smooth and bumpy asphalt.

The weekend promises to be an exciting combination of racing, culture and historical value, so don’t forget to check out the Mini Sport Cup Facebook page for live updates, photos and general news about the event. We’ll be reporting on The Tour of Flanders here on our blog page too, so please stay tuned.


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