Mini Cooper S MPi: Flood Damage Restoration


At Mini Sport, we get to welcome a whole host of different Mini’s from around the World with each one having a different story to tell – making the Mini forever unique. This week, we had Ola Nigard from Sweden visit Mini Sport to pick up his recently repaired and on-going restoration project with a big history.

In 2000, Ola purchased a Mini Cooper S from the John Cooper Garages complete with an original Cooper MPi conversion. Ola treasured this popular Mini model with fresh modifications and a range of Cooper parts to improve power and economy, until in 2014 devastating floods hit Sweden and the garage where he kept the Mini, along with 18 other classic and rare cars completely flooded. The Mini was unfortunately, completely submerged and suffered some-what irreparable damage to the mechanics, interior and bodywork. Ola had to make the difficult decision to choose which cars he would invest valuable time and money into and this special Mini Cooper S made the cut – whilst the other classics were scrapped.


For the last two years, Ola has been completely restoring all areas of this Cooper bit by bit with a new interior, repairs to the body work and the restoration of the Mini’s mechanics to revive it. After months of independent restoration work, Ola decided to send his Mini Cooper S over shores to Mini Sport, where we would complete some of the trickier restoration processes. Having been a huge fan of the John Cooper Garages, we were confident that with a little TLC and our work alongside the Cooper Car Company, Mini Sport could help return this Cooper S to its original specification.


Whilst at Mini Sport, this Mini got a complete new engine, clutch and gearbox build with a fresh new Cooper Car Company braking system, which included the popular Cooper Front Disc Brakes and Calipers and new Rear Brakes for improved reliability. We also helped to repair the damaged suspension system for improved handling.


Although, the restoration is not yet complete, Ola is thrilled with the repairs and services that now have his Mini back to its original performance credentials. We can’t wait to see this Mini Cooper when it’s fully restored and back to it’s former glory.


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