‘JBL’ Original BMC ‘Works’ Rally Car

BMC Works Rally Cars

Right after making its first appearance, the Mini proved to be a genuine sports car in the true sense of the word. Countless teams and private drivers recognised and acknowledged the great potential that this small car had to offer with its driving behaviour reminiscent of a go-kart. In 1955, the British Motor Corporation founded its illustrious competition department.


This competition department; grew to be regarded as one of the most successful in the World with their competition cars breaking records and pioneering the future of international Motorsport. Quality engineering, innovations in modifications and a daring and dedicated team are often accredited for the momentous success of the BMC and the ‘Works Department’.


Amongst MG & Austin Healey, the Mini gained acclaim as the recognised underdog of the thriving race and rally scene. The most significant stronghold of this car was and always remained rally racing, the works Minis tuned by John Cooper, in their red livery, were becoming increasingly competitive with more power. Starting in 1962 the Mini Cooper and, later, the Mini Cooper S brought home a number of international victories, scoring the first win in the Tulip Rally with Pat Moss, the sister of Stirling Moss, at the wheel. According to some sources, the Mini Cooper brought home no less than 153 racing wins in 1962 alone.

JLB Works Rally Car


JBL 494D is an original and complete Works rally car in every sense. Its heritage is completely authentic of the BMC Work’s era, built for high performance at BMC, Longridge in the height of the Work’s department’s success.  JLB is extremely rare and remains one of very few Works Rally cars still in existence, proudly retaining original parts and components as well as sentiment and history.


In JBL’s short and busy career as a rally car before it was sold by the BMC works in 1967, it gained some high-ranking titles in some of Europe’s most notable Rally competitions. JBL is homed at Mini Sport, where can maintain its originality and exhibit at shows and events. A brilliant piece of Motoring history that reflects the quality of BMC’s competition department.


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