The Classic Car Show: Mini Edition

Paddy Hopkirk, 33EJB & Mini Sport feature on The Classic Car Show

Aired on Channel 5 on the 26th March, 2015 – we at Mini Sport, were very excited to be involved with the production of the very special Mini episode of ‘The Classic Car Show’ hosted by Quentin Wilson and Jodie Kidd.

33EJB has become an illustrious icon, which defines both the success of Paddy Hopkirk and Mini in the golden era of Rallying. This exact replica of the iconic car was built complete and to original specification of the 1964, 33 EJB by the late Graham McConnell. The car is now owned by Paddy Hopkirk himself, who describes it as “Better than the car at Gaydon”. the 33EJB replica is homed at Mini Sport and maintained by our team of specialist mechanics.

The filming of the show was an exciting venture for all involved and the preparation and maintenance of 33EJB was definitely shown as Paddy put the car through it’s paces, challenging Jodie Kidd to get rallying with a few tips from the master. In addition to the filming of this scene we at Mini Sport, were proud to nominate close friend ‘Diddy’ Dave Thomas as the perfect stunt-double for Jodie Kidd. Sitting in for Jodie on the high-speed rally.

You can catch this episode on Channel 5 on demand here.

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