Custom Classic Mini Gets a Mini Sport Re-Spray!



Last week, we said farewell to a recent Mini Sport occupant and sent this soon-to-be complete rally build back home and up to Glasgow. Mr. Gibson has been working on this build personally with paneling and bodywork done at home. However, earlier in the year he decided to send his work-in-progress 205 miles down south to Padiham, Lancashire to have one of our popular multi-point bolt-in roll cages fitted.

Our Body shop expert, Basil fitted the lightweight roll-cage in and sent it back up to Scotland. Just months later, we received another call from Mr. Gibson, who delighted with the work of our body shop technicians decided to send his Mini back for a short-stay in our Spray Centre.

Basil got to work on prepping, etching, stone-chipping and priming the body shell before more preparation and a complete, custom re-spray. Mr. Gibson chose to step outside the conventional Rover Mini colours and chose Aviation Grey from Nissan with a contrasting black roof.

Basil then fitted a new boot and bonnet to complete the body work and prepped the shell for its return home. Now back in Scotland, completely repaired and re-sprayed, Mr. Gibson will be working on the interior wiring before sending it back to Mini Sport once again to be fitted with an engine so it can make it’s official return to the road!

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