Cooper Car Company New Launch for 2015

When we were approached by Mike Cooper, son of the legendary John Cooper last year with the prospect of re-launching the ‘Cooper Car Company’ in association with Mini Sport, we were overwhelmed. 2014 sparked a new enthusiasm for the original heritage of Cooper and one of the biggest names in Mini.


Above: The Cooper’s legacy was momentous for Motoring and Motorsport and still lives on in the Mini and Racing. 

The Cooper Car Company has been influential in the rise and success of the Mini and the heritage of the brand can be channeled in both classic and contemporary Mini’s with performance, economy and style always in mind.

Mini Sport have worked with Cooper Car Co. previously with the original Cooper conversion and tuning kits created here at Mini Sport, the first time round in the 1980’s. Our innovation in engineering and the success of our thriving M.A.D department has enabled us to work hard to develop parts and assemblies that are perfectly suited to enhance the driving experience of Mini and this exclusive launch was certainly something worth shouting about! The original Cooper Car Company parts became internationally recognised for their reliability and profound potential for Motorsport and auto racing – with their innovation gaining several prestigious wins; dominating Formula One throughout the 1950’s and the 1960’s.


Above: An original Cooper T72 driven by Sir Jackie Stewart and owned by The Cooper Car Company. Restored at Mini Sport.

The Cooper Car Company collection took direct inspiration from the original parts designed by John Cooper and Charles Cooper when the company was founded in 1946; with classic styling and high-grade quality. Throughout the last year the Cooper Car Company collections have gained great recognition with features in Mini Magazine and Mini World. Most notably the superior Cooper Conversion Kits have generated popularity for Mini owners around the world and in April of 2015; the Cooper Mini Day was hosted at Mini Sport with Mike Cooper unveiling three newly converted Mini Cooper’s. Besides Conversion kits the Cooper Car Company collection offers Interior and Exterior pieces, memorabilia which is distrubuted worldwide.


Above: Launched in 2014 the Cooper Car Company collection has gained great acclaim and media attention. 

Now time for the big news! Following the success of Cooper Car Company this month Mini Sport & Cooper Car Co. have launched a new series of products for 2015! The exclusive new Cooper Collection was revealed exclusively at the Mini Cooper Registers, National Mini Day at Beaulieu. Featuring a new collection of parts and accessories which combine both classic cooper styling with forward-thinking contemporary design methods. The new range includes specialist Cooper Brake discs, premium Cooper Brake Calipers, Cooper Dial Sets and Cooper Floor Mats – for Cooper excellence in every part of your Mini! Explore the new collection here and browse the original series of popular Cooper Car Company parts, merchandise and accessories.


Above: Cooper car Company and Mini Sport launch additional product lines for 2015. 

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