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Custom Classic Mini Gets a Mini Sport Re-Spray!

  Last week, we said farewell to a recent Mini Sport occupant and sent this soon-to-be complete rally build back home and up to Glasgow. Mr. Gibson has been working on this build personally with paneling and bodywork done at home. However, earlier in the year he decided to send his work-in-progress 205 miles down south to Padiham, Lancashire to have one of our popular ......
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Mini Cooper S MPi: Flood Damage Restoration

At Mini Sport, we get to welcome a whole host of different Mini’s from around the World with each one having a different story to tell – making the Mini forever unique. This week, we had Ola Nigard from Sweden visit Mini Sport to pick up his recently repaired and on-going restoration project with a big history. In 2000, Ola purchased a Mini Cooper S ......
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1979 Mini Special

Mini Special When people discuss special edition Minis, the popular perception is that this is phenomenon that kicked off during the late-1980s in order to sell more cars. But pretty much from the moment the Mini was launched back in 1959, dealers as well as its maker built bespoke and upgraded versions. However, it’s the 1979 20th anniversary edition – Continue Reading...
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‘NCK’ The Ultimate Rally Mini

‘NCK’ – Built by Cyril Bolton Sponsored by Mini Sport, Cyril Bolton, a mechanic himself dedicated over 700 hours of critically logged time to building NCK for its rally purposes. Before 1974 the car had already secured several wins alongside three high-ranking places in the major British road rallies across the country. The car showed great potential and in 1975 Continue Reading...
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