Bogus 2

Bogus 2 – The Performance Mini Project

Bogus 2 is the project Mini built by our team at Mini Sport in association with Mini World. Bogus was built as a high performance car fully modified for optimum performance. The Bogus 2 project was followed extensively for the 6th edition of Mini Worlds exclusive ‘Keeping your Mini Alive’ series.

Mini World 

Mini World has only ever had one high performance Mini project and that was Bogus (1991-1995). Steve Bennett and Nigel Fryatt, the original brains behind Mini World, heard of a donor Mini Cooper that was just what they wanted. In the end it turned out to be a base model in need of plenty of work, hence Bogus. During his life, Bogus got 10-inch, 12-inch and eventually 13-inch wheels and subtle changes in colour scheme. We think the allure of the ultra-rare KAD DOHC brought Bogus to the attention of villains and he was nicked from outside MiniWorld staff writer, Rich Williamson’s, flat by Crystal Palace Park in 1995. From 1995, it became very difficult for Mini owners to afford motorsport and MiniWorld’s attention has been firmly fixed on affordable, fast road, historic and classic resto Minis.


When we at Mini Sport were contacted by Mini World with the hopes to re-build Bogus, we ensured that the fully modified Bogus 2 paid an exact homage to the original Bogus built by Bennett and Fryatt.

Body Shell

1994 Rover Bodyshell fully restored in the Mini Sport Body Repair Centre using only genuine specification body panels. Painted in Eclipse Blue with Old English White. Grp Bonnet. Carbon Fibre Boot Lid. Doors reskinned with inner panel removed & Alloy Billet lightweight quick release door hinges.


Engine & Engine Ancillaries

Mini Sport Machined & Built 1380cc – 130bhp. A+ block fitted with Steel Centre Main Strap. Omega 73.5mm pistons with 7cc offset dish. Mini Sport lightened & polished conrods fitted with ARP Bolts. Wedged & Polished crankshaft. Competition Shell bearings. Dynamically Balanced Kent MD286 Camshaft. Metro Turbo oil pump. Adjustable Twin Row. Vernier Timing Gear Set. Aeroquip Braided Oil Filter Pipe. Alloy Breather Catch Tank. KAD Crankshaft Sensor. Engine Steady Bar. Thermostat & Engine Steady



Front & Rear sub-frame seam welded and powder coated. Mini Sport Adjusta Ride suspension. Moulton rubber cones. Alloy sub-frame mounts at rear. Spax Paddy Hopkirk LE shockers. Group A Rose jointed Tie Rods and Bottom arms.


Exterior & Interior

Yokohama A032 Racing Tyres, Monte Carlo wheel arch kit, Billet towing eye. Mini Sport Moulded Carbon Race Dash. ETB DD2 Electronic Speedo & Lap Time Digi Dash. Mini Sport Quick Shift Gear Lever. Cobra Suzuka Pro Grp seat. Alloy side mounts. TRS Magnum 4pt Superlite harness – blue. Mini Sport Alloy Door Handles. Carbon Door Panels.


Fuelling & Brakes

Mini Sport Injection System. 45mm Jenvy Throttle Bodies. Webcom Injectors. Fuel pressure regulator. Aeroquip braided fuel lines run internally. Canems ECU and wiring loom. 4 Pot Alloy Vented Disc Brakes, Superfin Alloy Rear Drums, Wilwood Brake Bias Valve, Aeroquip Braided Brake Lines run internally. Alloy Handbrake Quadrants Original Master Cylinder & Servo, Stainless Master Cylinder Plate.


7 Port Cylinder Head

Mini Sport 7 Port X-flow, fully modified and gas flowed by Mini Sport. 7mm Competition Inlet Valves. 31mm Competition Exhaust Valves. Alloy Bonze Valve Guides. 240lb Hi – Lift Valve Springs. ARP Head Stud & Bolt Kit


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