2018 HRCR Mini Sport Cup Award Winners

We have a full list of Award Winners for the 2018 HRCR Mini Sport Cup!

Massive congratulations to each and everyone of you who has taken part this year, and we hope to see you in 2019!

1st Driver – Ray Cunningham
1st Co-driver – Jared Gill

1st Driver – Ken Pryce
1st Co-driver – Don James

1st Driver – Clive King
1st Co-driver – Anton Bird

2nd Driver – Shane Gamble
2nd Co-driver – Bob Ward

3rd Driver – Jim Brindle
3rd Co-driver – Sam Bould

1st Driver – David Evans
1st Co-driver – Cameron Rawson

2nd Driver – Colin McDowell
2nd Co-driver – Russell Joseph

3rd Driver – Rhodri Roberts

1st Driver – Louise Thomas
1st Co-driver – Heidi Woodcock

2nd Driver – John Cressey
2nd Co-driver – Martin Cressey

3rd Driver – Martin Melling
3rd Co-driver – Antony Elkes

Mini Sport Junior Cup:
1st Overall – Jack Hartley

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